How to power ob-4 thing off?

I know that volume knob is also used as a power switch but how to use it to turn this off (firmware updated, motor recalibrated). It looks like I am the only one who doesn’t get it, am I so dumb or have I received a broken product ( 2 day ago)?

It should click off if you keep turning it down. It’s a physical switch.

Turn counterclockwise till it clicks off.

nope, no click.
Thx guys, no wonder I did not find an answer online. Just one more question on which hour should it click?, I turn it completely down and nothing happens.

So it arrived with power on?

no, i plugged it in, and after a while turned volume up and it worked or can’t remember, maybe plugging it did the job. The only way I can make it sleep is with ambience timer e.g. for 15 sec and then it is of, but afterwards if I check battery level it shows it even it is not on, is it normal?

No that is not normal.

problem solved. My wife did it she just turned it down, it appears that I was too cautious to use any kind of pressure on that thing :blush: Sorry to bother you, so far I love it and have an idea to use it with a mic and preamp or with mixer to have an instant access to the last two hours of e.g. improvising (to conquer the anti-flow sequencer burden on the music)


I had this same experience. Was too afraid to push through click. I asked on Reddit and felt pretty dumb.

uff i am not the only one :wink:

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