How to Program Triplets on the OP-Z (Tutorial)

This is an OP-Z Tutorial inspired by a question on the forums about triplets. So I did the math and found the number of nudges to do to make triplets on the OP-Z.


So simple, but really valuable.
Nice work.

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Thanks jaws! Glad you found it useful :slight_smile:

If you hold down the track button and the shift button, and then press any of the 16 track buttons, you can shorten the length of the active track.
So if you shorten the length of every track in a pattern from the regular 16 steps (4 times 4 steps) to 12 steps (4 times 3 steps) you can also kind of achieve triplets.
You just have to do it to every track in that pattern, even the ones that are 2x and 4x long, or else the beats won’t line up.
But if you’re jamming with other equipment are build up around 16 steps (4 times 4 steps) you have to re-calculate the bpm, because the bpm is still set according to a the whole 16 steps on the op-z, but now your loop is only 3/4th long, so if you are running at 90 bpm on the op-z, your ‘actual’ bpm is = 90 bpm/(3/4th) = 120 bpm.
I don’t know if it makes sense?:thinking:

Unfortunately, that doesn’t really make triplets. It actually makes the time signature 12/8, which is different from triplets. I mean, how do you do duplets if you have made your track in four beats of triplets?
@Jebrald0 has a really good solution here, I think.

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