How to record a pocket operator

Hi, I’m am thinking of getting a pocket operator for my bday and was wondering how to record it to my computer. I don’t have a line in. I have a mic jack though. Do you need an audi interface or something. Please tell me how to do this and recommend any hardware or software I need.


Welcome to the forum! Presuming you have USB sockets on your computer, get a USB audio interface (top budget interface list: and use software to record the input from your pocket operator to the computer (e.g. “Audacity” - free and would do the job).

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I bought one of these, and it’s grand. I mean the POs are 8 bit anyway, so you can use cheap gear. I have a Firewire desk for other stuff, but these little USB things are really handy. Although this one is TRRS. I probably should have got just TRS.

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