How to record from PO Arcade to Android

Yep, another Rookie question here!

Is there anyway to record my blips, bleeps and bloops to an android phone, and if so what cables and apps should I use?

Thanks in advance!

It depends on what mobile phone you use and what connections it has, in addition to the support of mobile drivers and the version of Android
In short, you can record with a trrs splitter that divides the signal from the headphone and the microphone, but the quality may not be very good, you can also use a usb audio card, I use a Behringer uca 202 and it works on my mobile phone, but it will depend on the mobile, android version, drivers…
And I use Dolby On app to record.

Thank you! I have a Google pixel 3a, Android 12. Would you happen where can I found out if my phone is compatible?

I don’t know if there is a list somewhere, but your mobile phone may be compatible but not work correctly, my previous mobile, a Moto G5 detected the card but the sound was terrible, with my Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro it works perfectly.
A Behringer UCA 202 card usually costs around 20 € and records clean sound without noise, even if it doesn’t work with your mobile phone it’s a good investment for your PC.

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Thank you so much!