How to repitch samples?

I have become interested in the OP-1 lately and I have a question for OP-1 users:

I have seen videos of how easy it is to sample anything into the Synthesizer sampler, edit and select any part of the waveform, and then play chromatically over the keyboard.

For this to be useful, however, you need to be able to map the pitch of your newly created waveform correctly - to be able to play the sample in tune. I have searched for this in the manual but I can not find anything about repitching the sample in semitones as well as cents. Am I missing something?

Grateful for replies,

You can change the global pitch setting. For a more permanent change of pitch you have to record a one shot to tape and then lift and drop back into the sampler.

Great, thanks!

Pitch setting is SHIFT + METRONOME.

You can also do some pitch changing without changing the speed using telephone.

Thanks for the information! I don’t think this is mentioned in the online manual? Is there any complete reference manual that covers all functionality of the OP-1?

Regarding the online manual, I requested recently that they make this available as a PDF, and received a faintly positive response (i.e. that they would discuss it :slight_smile: )