How to spot bricked/broken OPLab (video)


I bought used OPLab from *insert curses here* dishonest person (cause he claimed it was 100% working unit & he won't refund/take it back) cause... it's bricked (due to unknown damage and cannot be repaired - at least that's what TE support team says).

So I decided to share "how to spot bricked OPLab" video (a.k.a. things I wished I knew before buying used one ;)).
USB LEDs (mini USB and HOST B) are lit up, 4 LEDs that show current mode are off/doesn't respond to program change; program change switch does nothing. Obviously no midi data is transferred in & out.
It shows up as "CommunicationsDevice" when connected to MAC via USB ("A+B" Firmware Update mode doesn't work).

That's all folks!
Stay classy & curious :)

Oplab can be bricked. Well now I’m never buying one…

Oplab can be bricked. Well now I'm never buying one...

This particular case isn't the reason to avoid buying OPLab.

Electronic equipment *in general* can be damaged beyond repair - at least now we know what to look out for when buying used OPLab.

(But yeah, color me sad for the fact that TE Support has no idea what's the cause of this malfunction & there's no way to repair it).

Sorry to hear about your disappointing buy. I will wait as long as it takes for TE to publish a comprehensive user manual for the Oplab. Yes, I melted my first unit trying to imitate one of the applications demonstrated in the Oplab School video’s. Fingers Crossed.