How to stop TX-6 from sliding on desk

IMO this really needs some rubber feet; however due to the leather back it looks like it might be hard to find something that will stick and/or not ruin it.

Does anyone have any ideas or solutions? I don’t get what TE was thinking here.

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you could perhaps try longer cables that don’t translate as much force to the end

i like the leather in that it makes a satisfying soft contact with the surface.

i tour with my tx-6 and just put a loop of gaff tape on the table to hold it in place. hasn’t ruined the leather yet

Thought (unproven): you can buy those little rubber pads one uses to open pickle jars when nothing else works. We end up using those in the kitchen to keep cutting board and the like from sliding around. I could see that work well here. But like I said: not tested.