How to use guitar pedals with the op-1

I recently got my hands on a june-60 Chorus and I’m not sure how to go about it. I have a single wire interconnect 1/4 in ts to 3.5mm trs,is it the good one? How do I plug everything in? Sorry if it sounds simple, but I really don’t know anything about it and sorry for my bad english

Thank you!

That’s awesome, the June-60 looks really cool!

Yeah that sounds like it should work, have the output 3.5mm cable from the OP-1 go into the input of the June-60, then you’ll need another 1/4 cable to connect the output of the June-60 to an amp or a speaker of some sort. Unfortunately you wouldn’t be able to have the June-60 work without plugging it into a speaker as the OP-1 doesn’t have an fx loop. But an external speaker sounds much better than the internal OP-1 speaker anyway.

Looks like the June can run off battery as well, or you’ll need a power supply of some sort. Typically battery powered pedals will turn on when a cable is plugged into the input, so if you go the battery route remember to unplug the audio cables so the battery doesn’t run dry on you.

Hope this helps!

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Also, just thought of this but not sure if it works. If you run the output of the June into the mic input of the Op-1 it might work to have the audio come out of the internal speaker. Not sure if this works but it could bypass external speakers.

Anyone try this?

if u plug it straight in u will get a nasty feedback loop

there is way to do it, it involves a splitter cable and panning your channels hard left and right
to get the proper separation.
there is an old thread on here about it.
i used to have a diagram i made too but i seemed to have lost it.
it also only works on stuff u have already recorded onto the tape
u will still get a feedback loop with live audio.

i use this technique alot actually.

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