Huge free sample library (Converse Sample Library)

Some kind fellow, goes by the name of Shoki over on Elektronauts, posted a link to Converse Sample Library. A huge collection of royalty-free samples. Tempos, keys all listed, categorized etc.

This is going to be huge for me, so I thought I’d share it on here for all of you, too.

Wow, what a site! Can’t wait to have a proper rummage. Cheers for posting!

You and me both! I’ve been really wondering about good places to get vocal samples from, and then this comes along.

Yay, I was hoping someone would eventually do something like this.

Thanks for this tip!

Cool samples. I couldn’t find a search so I just used Crl+F to find vocals or whatever. Thanks

thanx for sharing!!!

This website becomes interesting after the release of the PO33 KO.

yeah this site seems pretty great, thanks!

Awesome collection

Awesome! Thanks for sharing this.