Hum when recording

I read a lot about the problems when recording sound from the OP-1. My setup in trying to narrow it down is OP-1 - TRS-Cable - Ground Noise Isolator - TRS-Cable - Tascam DR-05X
Even with this setup I still get a pretty loud humming sound in the background. I’m grateful for any and all suggestions, thank you very much!

two things, first you should disable usb charging on the op-1 (shift + com) menu, second i can say from personal experience the tascam dr05x is noisy as fuck to begin with. even with a ground loop isolator.

but yeah try disabling usb charging and see if it helps. you can always de-noise the audio later, allthough it suboptimal.


honestly its annoying as hell, my op1 loves hissing, at first i kinda liked the lofi mechanical it gave me… now its straight up annoying

If you mean hissing like the noise floor in an analog tape recorder then it is “normal”.