hunting an op1 video - cranks shown on op1 - link??

Have any of you seen a vid featuring the op1 0 where the person’s hands are playing it, and there are cranks

(not lego bits but 2-3 cranks)

it’s a very emotive track and there’s a link i think that said “new album out”

i’m sure i found it when i happened upon the op1 “inspiration” pages on TE, cuz i bookmarked the page -
silly me not bookmarking the actual youtube video
because now it’s not there.

THis was A few days ago (sept 28ish 2018)

Anyone recognise this description?
he (it was a he) had other vids with op1’s some had lyrics with the lyrics showing up on the screen/studio background.

But it’s that first one i’d like to find again.

Thanks for any help