Hyper Light Drifter

I don’t play videogames much…

Once in a while though I dedicate some time to a game that seems to be worth it.

A few months ago, a guy left a message on Elektronauts telling he had made the soundtrack for a little game. I listened to the music, and tought of Blade Runner, the same kind of deep dark rainy feeling. The images of the game were close to Nausicaa’s universe… I bought the game.

Today, while listening to the OST at work, I feel the need to tell you how I dig Hyper Light Drifter !

@LyingDalai I’m pretty much the same, I enjoy the odd game now and again if something looks interesting or maybe a little different from the norm. HLD looks like being one of those already and I’ve listened through the soundtrack which is great. It certainly reminds me of Blade Runner as well, I think I’ll give the game a whirl on my next free weekend…

Great game, pretty challenging as well.