Hyper Light Sifter


This one is pretty intense, it’s not exactly noise but it may as well be considered noise.
It’s about some really intense experiences I’ve had inside of my brain, once again all on my favorite little possession, the OP-1

I like the visuals a lot, how did you get that to happen?

And noise is rad

Hey Jelly,

Thanks man, I appreciate that you dig what I’ve been doing here recently. I used to live by a noise temple (literally) in Oakland, CA called Life Changing Ministries (LCM) Something tells me these will be appearing on the walls of that white chapel, lol.

That effect happens in the synzosizer patch when the blend mode is exactly in the middle :slight_smile: I messed around with it for a long time before I realized that haha. I’m pretty sure it’s the same sort of thing as channel effects in Adobe programs and using modes like exclusion, multiply, difference, subtract etc, with layered objects or in this case the “afterimage” which is usually set to max or a little below to allow more objects to adhere to the visual.

Also, the beginning is weird, but I kept that out of key guitar sounding thing because it sounds exactly like how sound sounds before and after even a small hit of the elf [spice] :slight_smile: I think it works… niche upon a niche upon a niche.

Been playing some HLD eh? :slight_smile: Great game, great vid + song… Probably hell for epileptics though!

Hehe, I actually haven’t played Hyper Light Drifter, yet. Will definitely need to check it out :slight_smile:

Thanks for watching & commenting :slight_smile: In this video, I consider the search for visuals that look like what they call in the DMT space (an incredible compound that I almost don’t even consider a drug more like a super duper drug or needing to be redefined) - “hyper space” - hyper light in Max Msp :slight_smile: But, I have seen this “hyper light” in video games as well.

FEZ did an INCREDIBLE job at it and consider it one of my favorite video games.
To check out just one of FEZ’s incredible “hyper space” scenes check the intro in this video @ 1 minute 38 seconds

Fez Playthrough Part 1 - YouTube

Adventure Time also dabbled with the concept a couple of times, too :slight_smile:

A DMT Breakthrough In Adventure Time. - YouTube
Finn will blow your mind! - YouTube

I’ve taken DMT before so I know exactly what you mean. The K-Hole is also in the same realm for me, although it’s hard to pin down and recall visually because so much of that is due to physical sensation and the feeling of being a point of consciousness completely disconnected from personality/reality/memories.

You’ll enjoy Hyper Light Drifter very much I think! It’s one of my favourite games recently along with Kentucky Route Zero.

Haha, yeah - K-hole you sort of slip into with comfort & ease, where DMT can sometimes be like being smashed apart in an alien particle accelerator and waking up in another dimension lol. Those are both my favorite chemicals, although K I try to stay away from as much as possible and DMT, I always have plenty around but never the nerve to blast off. My drug of choice currently is Kombucha :slight_smile:

I loved all of the episodes of Kentucky Route Zero as well. I recently played INSIDE and feel like the art direction of that game was taking a lot of cues from KRZ. INSIDE is a pretty cool game as well.

Yep everything in moderation! My only DMT trip, I was warped to a strange floating space cabin with pillars of pulsating coloured light that droned away. Stayed there floating for a long time while the light danced around me, then was warped back. Probably under a minute in reality. Very abstract, would like to try again.

Cool, I’ll check out INSIDE! Really enjoying this new wave of small experimental games that play with boundaries. Came across this article recently on a guy called Linssom who is making really interesting things, lots of game recommendations inside, check it out: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-10-02-gameboy-wonder-the-miniature-epics-of-daniel-linssen

Yep, that sounds like DMT - haha. I’d say try again and keep it at around the same dosage you had. I refuse to smoke anything over 20mg because I’ve already gone for the breakthrough and as grand & beautiful as it was it was also extremely terrifying (I screamed my head off all the way through death and beyond) - I’d much rather stick to the impossibly beautiful worlds you find in those sub-doses. I’ve had people ask me to give them breakthroughs but my answer is always you can either extract your own or find your own some other way.

I played through that sandstorm game was pretty cool :slight_smile: Reminded me of Journey, which reminds me that I still have to play through their new game Abzu.

Yeah, I just wanted to jump in and say Hyper Light Drifter was probably my favorite game this year, maybe with Dark Souls 3 behind it. Also Inside was incredible.

Love this.

This talk of DMT / visuals reminded me of another pairing me & my mates noticed: anyone notice how Nitrous Oxide balloons ‘timestretch’ your hearing…?!

I couldn’t finish Dark Souls 3, Im too starved for time, and whoa the frustration lol. As for Hyper Light Drfter, dope game, and the visuals are super trippy. Im a ganja man myself, very interested in DMT after hearing Joe Rogan and Donald Cerrone discuss it. and btw @infiniteclockwork this isn’t noise, this is some dope audio! Im jamming to it at work right now