I am making a portable "mixer" mainly for the Volca line. What do you think?

So, the purpose is not be be a regular mixer but more like a device that ties portable gear together so people can jam while going away on vacation or just to the park with the backpack.

Currently planned features:

1. Mixer

- 6 stereo inputs (12 channels)
- standard 3.5mm jack stereo connectors
- no level adjust on the input since those are already available on the outputs
- panning pots on all the inputs
- Two outputs (headphones and line out) with individual volume controls

2. Midi spliter

- one input -> 5 outputs
- full size MIDI connectors (DIN5)
- LED for monitoring the MIDI signal is present

3. Power bank

- clean and rechargeable power supply for Volcas
- power 4 Volcas for at least 4 hours
- replaceable 18650 batters
- external charger would not be included

I made two designs so I would appreciate any feedback on them.

1. This one has two larger speakers:

2. This one has a single smaller speaker:

If I was to actually make these the price for a kit would be ~200€.

What do you think?

Great idea.

Maybe wouldnt bother with the speakers though as I’d imagine decent quality speakers and amplifier will push up the cost - and you don’t want to skimp on sound quality. Most folk probably have their own portable speaker or can buy one to partner with this mixer.

Yes high grade seperate speakers are easy to get (and replaceable).
Personally I would use a seperate midi splitter if needed aswell (or just clocksync) and would prefer a stereo 3.5mm FX send - in prefade or buss send style seperate out .

^ yeah even a couple of send and returns would be a brilliant edition. a few small mixers have one send, pretty rare for them to have two sends. great shout for a tiny mixer to be used with op-1, volcas etc cos the people who own these devices probably have multiple pedals.

How about USB host functionality?

Thanks for the feedback. I am not really planning to add features though :slight_smile:
FX send would complicate things quite a bit and cramming that in the form factor would be pretty difficult.
I thought about implementing a USB soundcard but that is called feature creep and makes projects prolong forever.

If I will make one of these, which would you prefer I make? Would you change something to the suggested layouts?