I am really surprised by the Rumble module

I bought it on a whim when I got another OP-Z recently (I sold my first one a couple years ago) and it has definitely exceeded my expectations. A lot more responsive than I thought it would be, it really helps you know what is going on in the low end of what you’re writing. It’s definitely sort of gimmicky, but at the same time a more useful than I thought it would be. For sure something I would recommend if you haven’t tried it yet.


…it’s also mirroring incoming Audio/USB Audio…:heart:

I thought it’d help me really feel the low end, but it ended up being really gimmicky for me. I’m thinking of selling mine. I also have an Oplab occupy that slot now, for my POs and Bastls.

I did not know that, nice.

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I love it, Z feels lifeless without the module. Pro-tip: if you have your Z on your desk, sit it on a thin soft foam pad - stop the vibes getting absorbed away when sitting on a hard surface (also stops the Z wobbling if it is cough cough slightly bent…)