I am traveling to Nepal and India with my OP-1 and guitar...


I have an incredible opportunity to represent our music scene in MN and the USA at an international jazz festival in Kathmandu, Nepal!

Planning on doing some duo improv sets before the festival around town with an Op-1 guitar and drum kit.

Now to plug our fundraising campaign…
While it shouldn’t be the case that musicians go into massive debt to take advantage of a chance like this, its the sad reality of our times (not to mention the US embassy stopped funding artists from USA coming as soon as you-know-who took office). The band, Nick’s Cousins, is doing a gofundme campaign to raise money for plane tickets. If you are able, kick in any amount starting at $5. Any donation is eternally appreciated and it means the (other side of the) world to me and us.


Thanks for taking a moment to check it out!