I don't see the "To Sampler" Dialog box when preparing to sample in FW 1.5

I’m a new user of the OP1f. Firmware 1.5. I watch online videos on sampling, but I don’t see the dialog boxes like “To Sampler” and “Standby.” Were these removed in the latest firmware, or do I need to change some setting in my OP1f? Thanks to all who can help!

It took me a while to find the solution - also for myself:
You need to select SYNTH first. Then press shift- T1 to open the synth browser.
Here you need to select either SAMPLER or SNAPSHOT! Press GREY button
When you hit MIC now you should see the TO SAMPLE page.

i could be wrong but i dont think anything changed with respect to that in 1.5 – as long as you are in the sampler engine (not a synth in other words), then hitting the red mic button in the top right will bring you to that page/dialog

You are absolutely right - I just wanted to explain that one has to set the synth engine to sampler or snapshot before sampling works (I missed that at the beginning). Maybe it is the solution for pieanoman…

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