I dreamed of a OP-1 trick, next day it works

Pretty cool stuff, I’m currently building up a liveset on the OP-1 and had a dream last time about a a specific beat which I used to do on my MPC and has 2 parts: main loop part and bridge part. I redid it on the OP-1 but I really want to only keep the main loop part, not the bridge, as I would only use it a couple times in the whiole set and I need to save space for other loops given we’re limited with 6mn.

Anyway, in my dream I fooled around a few times with the play button to restart the beat at the beginning for one bar x2, then half a bar x2, then one last bar x1 which I kill with the vinyl drop on snare + timed delay with M2 and and go back to the main loop using the play button again. Which is essentially what my MPC bridge part was (minus the vinyl drop + delay which sounds even better by the way)

I woke up this morning, tried, it worked.

Have a nice weekend with sweet OP-1 tricks dreams!

There are some theories that we dream to learn.