I gathered my sampling collection and rated them all from best to worst (OP-1 Field included)

Focusing mostly on:



SP-404 MK2

OP-1 Field

As well as some other notable mentions. This is a deep dive and definitely the most detailed comparison that i’ve done:

Take a look: Comparing my sampler collection from best to worst // Deep Dive! - YouTube

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interesting, i’ve thought about doing something similar
thanks for sharing!

edit: surprised to say this was pretty accurate and fair, if i know anybody looking for a sampler i’ll definitely refer them to check it out

when i checked the description w/ timestamps i was hoping you’d cover build quality too (which i think is important)…i’m glad that was part of the “bang for your buck” roundup for each machine

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Ah you’re right- build quality is important.

I will say though that the build quality on all of them is pretty solid - time will tell about the OP-1 field though- i’ve only had it for a second. If I was to choose which one had the most solid build quality though it wuld be the digitakt for sure.

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the octatrack looks interesting…although a bit intimating.

I’d rate my samplers in this order
1/Ensoniq ASR10
2/ Roland MV8000
3/ Ensoniq EPS
4/Yamaha SU700 (this thing sounds incredible, but is only a phrase sampler)
5/OP1 OG
6/Casio SK200

Although the OP1 is at the bottom of the list of samplers, it’s my favourite for sequencing, recording and arranging using the 4-track tape. I use the ASR10 for sampling and effects, then mdi it up to the OP1 for sequencing, recording and arranging everything on the OP1s tape.

Nice video @liamkillenmusic

Personally I found it a helpful watch for considering a future purchase.

…but which one came out on top?