I gotta share this one: Richard Pryor F R E AK Y Beat

So I picked up this Richard Pryor record over the weekend. I was listening to it and the most curious thing happened. In the middle of a bit, while making some violence sound effects with the microphone like comedians like to do, I started hearing a beat. So naturally I sampled it, looped it, added some subsonic to accentuate the groove. I gotta share this. The original sample I took plays at the end for reference.

I might do something with this later on but feel free to use it. I can provide a better quality version of the original if anyone is interested.

Cool beat and sample! Inspiring.

Nice one!

whoa! that’s pretty nice. curious in hearing the original

I would love to hear that hit hard over a quality PA. y’know, gut-rattling bass too.

@Lamp The original of the part I used plays at the end of that MP3 without any alteration. I can upload an aif later with more context if you like. Maybe I’ll do an MP3 with the whole bit too.