I just love the opz soooo much!

I just want to inject some positivity into this forum… It seems like every thread is a problem or critique… Well, I’m just in love with this thing and have been since it came out!! It is my very favorite instrument!! I just bought a mpc live 2 retro and while i like it, a lot, i also like my prophet 6, or my handmade artisan trentassette… Digitone keys… Etc… Lots of others… I just don’t love them like i do the opz…
Anybody else love it as much?? You want to share at all?? To me it is just perfect, flaws and all!! I wouldn’t change a thing!! If it ever breaks, then i will just fix it!!


:thinking:for me using op-z is like choosing an operating system. some like iOS other like android. but every one who uses an operating system have also bunch if things that annoy them. for example, i use iOS my whole life and i love it, but there are so many things about iOS that annoy me and i think should be better, en they do improve.
i love my op-z to bits, literally going to sleep with it every day (i have infinite random note sleeping music). but still, i dream about a better :zzz: :sleeping:


Idk… I like it… I can’t find anything i don’t like really besides the whole video thing… I’m really not feeling that… But look, the opz is so fire they made a legit sheath for it at te… Like it is a sword or something… And they made a special leather shroud for the mighty op1… These are the things of legends…lol!
They are both blue of course! Made by the very best leather masters in all the land…


So true, there’s no other instrument that I spent as much time with. Every time I touch it, I get nice results.
The sequencer is (in my opinion) the best out there. 16 steps don’t seem much but it’s all you need thanks to step components and different options.
I love that you sometimes have to wrap your head around how to get the results you wanted and in the end come up with something completely different but much more interesting. You come up with an idea and the OP-Z in a way guides you through the process.
It seems more “alive” than other devices, concerning its concept and especially with the rumble module that many laughed about but no one wants to miss once they felt it.
And the best: You can take it anywhere. There is just no device quite like it.

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I love it enough to buy 2.

Love the concept and firmware implementation and functions.

Don’t love the fiddly operation or construction, wish it was OP-1 size/quality.


I love the op-z even more than the op-1.
Because of the multi Timbrality
And the tape track and the master track and the almost endless possibilities.
And of course the look.
I even love the synths and effects.
And the motion and video channel. I wish I had a projector for it.
It might be my favorite musical instrument.

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I love the op-z too. But I think I spend more time on this forum than playing it :rofl:


It is the one ‘electronic’ (for lack of a better word) thing I have that most resembles my guitar… I can pick it up, noodle around, and make something happen that I didn’t know I had in me. Easy and intuitive, and makes me happy. And that, alone, is just so cool that I have nothing more to add.

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The RUMBLE Module needs more love!
Anyone having an OP-Z without rumble module is really missing out. Big time! :slight_smile:
Sketching vibrating beat ideas is awesome. It is hard to put into words… it’s this haptic feedback in your hands… plus the module adds more weight to the unit and it feels not so much like a cheap plastic case.

The OP-Z should be sold with a rumble module already installed! :slight_smile:


Yep, I absolutely love it. I take it on every trip I go on, I find so kuch fun to jam with and just feel so inspired every time I get it out to play. Surprisingly, it might also be my most profitable piece of gear (after my computer), since I find myself reaching for it in almost every paid bit of work since getting the thing! Yes I wish my encoders didn’t pop out every few weeks, and yes I get frustrated by double trigs, but honestly, even with those issues I would buy another one in a heartbeat if I lost mine.

You need to turn the magnets around inside the encoders and they will not pop out anymore.

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i’m so glad this thread exists!

opz is so hard to describe to others but is definitely my favorite sampler to use

after the pandemic lockdown began i felt like using more than just ableton for sampling and found one used with a rumble pak…it’s been TONS of fun and usb i/o sped up my process so much

ever since i got an opz i’ve gradually collected most other types of samplers on the market (including roland sp 555, mpc live, octatrack, digitakt and incorporated push 2 w/ my ableton workflow)

i still keep coming back to the Z despite all of that (AND recent acquisition of the op1)

the little box brings me so much joy :smile: :blush:


love love love my op/z

like everyone I’d love its workflow in a more solid unit.

but I am dumping a whole bunch of entry-level korg things because I just don’t use them anymore now that I mastered the basics of the op/z

so much more to learn too.


Same here. Just got one used, with oplab (even though I messed it up when updating the Z). Ive owned a few op-1’s and other samplers, including my Live which sits in the corner mad at me, since Im always on the Z.

haha. In the words of Kodak Black that’s that Z sh*t.

Yes, the rumble is amazing. I didn’t mean to get it but it came in a bundle with little extra cost and I’m very happy i did. It adds not only extra punch, but also new dimensions to the bodily experience of music making, esp when out and about and having the device in your hands and lap. Additionally it helps me keep the volume lower too and protect my hearing. A super feature!

Besides this, yes OP-Z is amazing. First serious gear i ever purchased and I’m forever grateful and i really appreciate the quirky aspects of it.


I wish the person I bought mine from didn’t super glue the oplab in. :frowning:

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hahaha. OMG i thought i was the only one. but i never sold my op-z.
i often super glue op-lab, but when ever i need to pop it out, i just twist op-z frame, and that twisting bend kinda cracks the glue loose, so i can get it out every time. … i think you can also use acetone to dissolve the supper glue.

Wow lol Im a little too scared to go bending the op-z like that. Ill try some light acetone. Problem is, its underneath the oplab itself and the space is pretty tight. lol. I wouldn’t even bother but since the update my oplab stopped working :weary:

you have to remove op-lab and put it back. i often have glitch when i have to remove it in order to properly reset it. twisting op-z like a spiral helps, because it forces op-lab edges to move a little bit parallel. so that tight tolerances help. problem is that you dont know how much glue did previous owner use. if he used a whole bottle than twisting will not help. maybe try this

be careful with that acetone or any type of solvent
might also dissolve the plastic case too