I love my op1

Just got the OP1 and it feels so gooooooood.

Heres my first daft wee track - the factory patterns in the finger sequencer doing the drums - bangin factory patterns by the way! Feels just like DJing playing with em.

I absolutely love the weird limitations of this thing, its a total shake-up to my way of working. Just what I needed.


the thing i really like is it makes you just get shit down. im someone who tends to think too much about whether stuff is good or not, this makes you just record it, bang. no time to think

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Sounds really cool! You are going to be making lots of cool stuff I bet.

what is your previous workflow?

it’s mainly about the centrality of the tape loop. i usually think of the recording as something that i do after i spend a while fiddling and tuning things and getting them ‘right’. the op1 switches this round so that recording is the thing you do first and it feels like this solves a lot of problems for me. though i dont have to use it like that of course, i can still slot the OP1 into that other way of working if i want to.

i also have an octatrack and though its an amazing instrument and very powerful, i never really bonded with it, especially with the loopers and sampling its always felt a bit too abstract and depends on a lot of non-intuitive multi button presses, which i find is an obstacle to just doing stuff - by the time i’ve worked out how to do it I’ve sometimes forgotten what my little idea was or gone off at a tangent- whereas the tape transport and sampling in the op1 is very instant, easy to understand and feels very intuitive and musical - so i go from idea to track in minutes.

Ps I didn’t really answer did I.

I have various bits of gear, analogue and POs, and I record different setups of them in live jams on a portable recorder…then edit in Ableton. Sometimes add a few bits in there. I don’t like working in Ableton to create stuff, prefer to use it as a tape editor and for mixing.

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I’d love it more if there weren’t so many damn bugs. For an instrument costing over 1k, I think it’s pretty ridiculous that I have to constantly wonder if my op-1 is charging or not.

Well that’s a bit worrying

I just bought my OP-1 and still getting to know it - but loving the process. Where did you get the samples from for this track/what were they? Cheers!


This is the main strength of the op-1 to me: It just makes me create without getting hung up on how other people are going to react to the music. It has reminded me that it’s not really about what others think, it’s about creating art and making sounds I want to hear.

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Don’t worry too much. There are not that many bugs, and you’ll get to know your OP-1…
About the battery meter, there’s a thread somewhere that explains that one should drain the battery to recalibrate it. But it’s not really a matter, in reality: you should be able to play for 6 hours+ without a problem :slight_smile:

Enjoy, dear, it’s an incredible instrument, this little one.
I always suggest to newcomers to try to come up with something in the battles:

There’s no better way to learn your instrument! And it pushes you to drop tracks, which is indeed one of the strengths of the OP-1 IMHO.


Re what’s in this track…just sampled my voice and pitched it down. The drums is playing with drum presets and factory sequences in the finger sequencer, which I love doing. The lead was one of the op1 synths, can’t remember

It’s not a finished track really, just a sketch: which again is what I think the op1 excels at. it needs some low end beef added. But sure goes nice with some chunky drums on the PO32. Might add some sub bass too :slight_smile:

Here’s another one. I had a day of frustration when I started to doubt it was a good idea spending all that money, but then got back into it.

This needs tidied cos I was a bit drunk… Lost track of the 1. Again, a nice sketch that will go well with a fat kick drum and maybe some swooshy noises or something

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Nice job! I like it

Wow, it’s really easy to accidentally lose shit isn’t it.

Again tho, I guess it’s a shift in thinking from DAW working. If you accidentally lose a part, you just have to delete and re record it…maybe it’ll be better 2nd time around…

another one…bloody love this thing. bit of octatrak for the samples, a wee bit of minilogue and space echo. but op1 is in charge. probably forever now :slight_smile:

Hey folks. another OP1 number. a cautionary tale, cos i stupidly didnt keep the stems and its a bit over compressed. easily done on the master recording. still its not like its serious music so maybe doesnt matter. was thinking i. might just sausagize the whole thing and saturate it or something https://soundcloud.com/mc_vimto/escape