I’m just curious…

Other than sampling why would you want to listen to a local radio station with all the commercials?
I would love to get my SiriusXM but don’t think that’s possible. Can I get Pandora?

the OB-4 does not have any kind of internet connectivity. you can stream whatever internet radio station you want using your phone (etc) and bluetooth.

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Yes I do that with my phone.

Personally, I love that I can listen to my local college radio station.


That’s cool! I haven’t listened to local radio in many years, too much commercials.

I love listening to the classical music station radio 4.
And Djala radio. Indian music with commercials spoken through a delay effect effect effect effect. And the news radio with ambient on or at half speed.


Do these stations you speak of come built into the ob4 or some sort of national radio stations? I don’t have an ob4 but considering one to pair with my op1 and OP-Z and also for easy listening.

It’s a FM radio scanner. It looks for the next signal. Like fallen_lassen said, the classical station near me sounds especially nice with ambient mode. For anything else I use bluetooth.

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Thank you for this info.
I just purchased the OB4 + Ortho remote bundle for $549 USD !!

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Enjoy! Wow, I wish I’d gotten that bundle deal. Very solid discount.

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I just stumbled on that bundle. Now if they would have another option for a bag. I’m not paying $400 for the leather case!!

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why would you want to listen to a local radio station with all the commercials?

The radio landscape differs greatly around the world. In Europe where countries are smaller, most national radio stations are available on FM. In the UK several are run by the BBC and therefore have no commercials.

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