I made my first OP-1 video!

Hey friends, I just made my first OP-1 video for youtube. The video/audio quality is questionable but I promise this will get better over time. Any critiques or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Just watched it. I think it’s good. I’ve just started doing this too and it’s better than mine. How do you add text? Again, good job and you just earned your 2nd subscriber!

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Thanks dude, I really appreciate it! I use a video editing software called Filmora and it lets me add text as a layer and it lets you drag the text to wherever you want on the screen. It’s only 45$ for a year but this google add-on called honey actually got me a 10$ discount. You should check it out!

Here’s one I made today just fiddling around with the Koma Field Kit FX straight out of the box. Not a song, or even a jam. Just checking to see if I hooked up the reverb and delay correctly and testing out the little 4 channel mixer. Sync’ed this up in Logic Pro and filmed on a new iPhone SE. The video quality is not too shabby…

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Yooo thats sick! It sounds super dope, whats that spring thing you got on the left hand side of the screen? It looks like you can get some really cool sounds with that. I’m trying to get my video quality better as well, I just upgraded to an iPhone 11 and im going to see how that turns out. Sick setup man.

It’s a spring reverb tank (like the reverb in old guitar amps). It is one of the effects on the Koma Field Kit FX. The phone I’m filming with is a new iPhone SE. I think it looks pretty good. I’m not totally happy with the video because I’m constantly worried about keeping it under a minute for instagram but I’m gonna start jamming for longer and then edit so I can avoid feeling rushed.

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Here’s one I just did but I forgot to hook up the reverb tank. Dictaphone is playing a recording I made from the 4th of July. Radio station is coming from the Koma Field Kit. OP-Z audio is being transmitted over FM to the OP-1 which is looping a backwards recording of my ukulele pitched way down. Everything is being sent through the Field Kit FX and back into the Field Kit. Somehow, I need to let the Zoia join the party soon.