I Need A Bag

I am looking for a particular type of bag for my gear so that everything is portable, protected and easy to access. I need a bag with a main compartment just large enough to carry a Tascam DP-03, the OP-1 and a few (5-7) 12" vinyls. It must have a smaller compartment for my Kingston MobiLite Wireless G2, SD cards, thumb drives and CDs. Instead of a two-strap backpack I need a one strap sling style for easy access. Waterproof design is a must. Secure locking zippers and slash proof straps are also desirable. It does not need to fully cover the vinyls as they can peek out to keep the total size in check. Everything else must be covered and contained. Basically, I’m looking for the 3rd Place option below with all of these features. The smaller the better.

Bags that come close are below:

1st Place http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-4Cvt1zVrvqw/VaxCVMu4WVI/AAAAAAAAdGQ/r1xIh8LCctw/s1600/P1020883%2B%5B1024x768%5D.JPG
2nd Place http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1192399-REG/hex_hx1804_khki_infinity_crossbody_bag_khaki.html
3rd Place http://www.crumpler.com/au/11-inch-slimfit/lla-waist-pack
4th Place http://www.ebags.com/product/manhattan-portage/alleycat-waist-bag-lg/270025?productid=10292936

Does this bag exist? If not, are there any makers out there who want a challenge? Anyone down for a commission?

Check into Pacsafe, they have sling bags and design security into their stuff. They even have some that are really close in dimensions for those vinyls that are making finding such a bag so tricky

Good looking out homie! Happy New Year!