I recorded an EP with just a PO-33, no additional effects



Basically one long 24 minute jam, but I cut it in three because I like things in threes :smiley:

It’s unapologetically repetitive, slow moving, minimalist IDM; somewhat influenced by Gescom’s A1-D1 material. I edited out some of the meandering parts and gave it a light master, but other than that it is pretty much the raw audio.

Samples from Monomachine, Machinedrum, Nord Lead and some old tracks of mine.

I made the mistake of not getting video footage of the jam, as I was sitting on the couch and it was just spontaneous with my Zoom recorder… but maybe I’ll jam out something similar and upload it as a video in the future.


Fantastic! Congratulations. I don’t think it’s repetitive at all. I can hear the Gescom influence for sure.

Thanks for making my evening of exam marking much more interesting.


Listening right now - powerful breaks! The PO-33 pure sound is full of noisy lo-fi glory. Great selection of sounds, btw. Thanks for posting.


Saw your Elecktronauts post and started listening yesterday. Finished up today. Damn fine work!!! Nice escape while working this morning.


Thanks everyone! I’m really happy with the PO-33. I think I’m gonna get the PO-35 soon as well and pair the two together, maybe record another EP :smiley:


I went in with really low expectations and was blown away with how much this made me bob my head. Really good job!


you sir… have done a very impressive thing here




i finally got my ears on your EP and, apart it being a bit slow moving to my weird taste, it is an amazing piece of music i must say. i am at the very start of opening that purely PO-33 crafted EPs world and it drives my inspiration to a whole new level, previously unreachable and even seeming impossible. great job! and thank you for publishing it!


Thanks for listening :smiley:


Great stuff!