I think I broke the input stage of my OP-1

I did something dumb...
I tried to use a headphone splitter as a mixer to connect both my smartphone and an old synthesizer to my op-1.

Ever since this little experiment, I have noticed that the OP-1 produces a high pitched whine when using the input jack. The internal mic still sounds fine. In fact, everything sounds fine as long as I don't try to use an external source.

Is this something I can recover from? I really love my OP-1 and if possible I would like to repair it. I noticed that at some point in the past connector boards were available, but it seems like I can't get a hold of one in the United States. Do you have any advice?

Also, if somebody technically inclined could explain to me what I broke and how I broke it, that would be much appreciated.

Make sure you haven’t left the gain set high. either in the mixer or at the audio input. EMail TE I would imagine they will sell you the board. replacing it is easy.

Yeah, I emailed TE. They don’t have connector boards available currently, and I suspect replacing that wouldn’t fix this anyway. Those boards pretty much just have the physical jacks on them. The amps and the rest of the interesting hardware is on the main PCB, which they don’t allow you to DIY replace. I would have to send it from Boston to Sweden for them to inspect it. Ouch!

A few things I'd try:
- Change master effects
- Change synth effects
- Change input source
- Reduce input gain

- Are you on the latest F/W version?


Thanks @cloudburst

I checked all of those things and I still here a distinct high pitched sound while the line in is enabled. In fact, the sound persists regardless of what the input gain is set at. The sound is loud enough that I can faintly hear it even when using the built in speaker.

My poor baby!

Hi @borden, I’m sorry you’ve got such a problem.
Maybe you could record that ghost sound and share it with us

I have this same issue. One day my internal mic died and I noticed the noisy input.
But I’m not sure if its was always this nois and maybe I hadn’t noticed before.

When the compressor is on even a tiny bit its super noticeable. High whiney pulsating static.

Would love to hear a sound example, as the OP-1 is known to have various noise issues. Try a factory reset, maybe run a function test and see if anything fails.

My op1 will hiss and squeel with certain settings. I find cwo can be very noisey and the d synth engine. I consider it perks lol.

After playing around for a few weeks I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s probably always been noisey and I didn’t break anything. I normally have it plugged into some monitors, and the hiss isn’t noticeable like this. When I use headphones I notice it, but it’s not really a big deal.

This is perhaps wishful thinking…

I might record an example of the hiss at some point.

When the compressor is on even a tiny bit its super noticeable. High whiney pulsating static.

Yeah, same for me. It seems tied to the compressor.

I might record an example of the hiss at some point.

please do.

what headphones?