I want to disable headset mic on op1f, the internal mic is better!

I wish there was an option to disable headset mic input on op1f, it comes on every time you plug in headphones with a mic, but the internal mic on the op1f is so much better.

Almost all 3.5mm earbuds have a mic now so this is pretty annoying. I wish there was a way to select op1f mic as the input.

To work around this I’ve been carrying a headphone splitter that only had trs rather than trrs so that the op1f can’t see the mic, but that’s a bit of a bore!

Has anyone found a better workaround?

The only thing that worked for me is I had to record with the op1 mic with headset not plugged in when I began recording, then as I record I plug the headset in ; I then use the op1 mic with my headset