I wish there was a way to upload to soundcloud, youtube without going via laptop

I use music hardward because my computer is a place of work, not fun.

When I’ve made things on OP1, OT, etc, I wish there was a way to upload them to soundcloud, youtube, or anywhere shareable without going via laptop

Presumably I should look at phone apps, like presumably you could record audio direct to bandcamp soundcloud whatever. But I just wish there was a way to share things on the internet more easily, with friends, without it being a huge performance.

Surely the magicians of TE could make it so that you can publish Album recordings to soundcloud or similar?

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Have you looked into Blast Radio?

You can buy a standalone hardware box to record into whilst simultaneously broadcasting onto their app/platform.

Blast Radio looks interesting - have you used it?

Audioshare on iOS lets you upload to Soundcloud.

Note that while I think iOS can get files off of an OP-1, I know it won’t let you do It with an OP-1F — you’d need to use USB-C audio from the OP-1F and re-record in Audioshare.

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I do it on my phone. You may need to switch your browser to desktop mode to find the upload button on SoundCloud. If you use android I can also share what apps I use to access the op-1’s files.

I suspect phone is the answer!