iconnect as USB MIDI host?

I want to use my OP-1 to talk to the rest of my MIDI gear without a laptop. A Kenton USB host would do the trick but these are increasingly hard to come by. Does any of the iconnect range fit the bill?


I’m using the iConnect4MIDI+ with OP-1 and several USB-MIDI and traditional MIDI devices. It works great! Definitely recommend it.

Yes- I think the iCM2 doesn’t behave like this and is no good for OP-1 uses .iCM4 is very nice.

4+ or OG are the only iConnect’s w/ usb midi hosts.

i think they iConnect audio interface will have one too.

also, i stumbled upon this usb midi host the other day


haven't seen it mentioned here, so thought i'd just throw it out there

u can use a usb hub w/ this one

I guess it’s a seller’s market but I’m irrationally annoyed that there isn’t a cheap, portable, battery version. Almost like a breakout cable type arrangement.

@docshermsticks hey thanks for posting that link. They’re some nifty things I’m digging, like the adjustable angled midi cables. Why aren’t there more cables like that out?

@docshermsticks - Never heard of that one. Good to know there are more out there. I think an iConnectMIDI4+ at 199USD is much better value.

…but yes a nice battery powered one would be great.

I’m keeping an eye on this too: http://www.inspektorgadjet.com/cerebelusb/

Edit: note the iConnectMIDI2 is NOT a USB host - just in case you were tempted!

@ghostly606 the kentons and iconnects can be powered via a usb rechargeable battery, but yea i would dig a cable only kind of dealie too.

@kites @sparky no prob!

yea those are fucking cool cables! didn't see those. more companies should def make them like that.

Adjustable angled midi cables ! I hadn’t even dreamed about this !

Make it with colors and I’ll buy a whole set :smiley:

audio cables like that too please

^ yes to all the above! Colorful adjustable cables for all!