iConnect Audio 4+ with OP-1

Wanting a new audio interface that can record the OP-1 into Ableton Live as well as some other gear including iPad.

Was thinking about one of the Focusrite boxes for around £200 but then remembered about the iConnect Audio 4+
Anyone here got one of these? How do you find it?

Am I right in saying I can use it as a USB Host for routing midi to the OP-1? (So I could then sell my OPLab?)
and pull the audio in via two of the inputs.

If I wanted to use the new Ableton LINK with compatible apps is this possible when connecting via the USB so that the USB is just dealing with the audio and not the midi/control info?

How do you find this box for latency and quality? is it good?

Yes, it’s good. I see no latency with any of the 8 machines that are plugged on it.

Cool thing is you can hook up an iPad, if you want/need.
And a shitload of usb midi plugs, given you have a powered usb hub.

The thing oplab does that icm4 doesn’t is CV sync.

Yeah that’s one down side of the iCM4+ I couldn’t sync up the PO-12 with it.

But I think I can use the Sync from my Acid8 to power it.

Exactly. I use a Volca.