Iconnect audio2+ with op-1


I am interested in getting the iconnect audio2+, was considering the 4+ but dont so many inputs and outputs.

Was wondering how it works as a usb-midi host, for say linking the op-1 to an octatrack. Apart from providing the iconnect unit with power, does it need to be connected to an ipad or computer to function? Or can it be used as a standalone usb-midi host like the kenton usb-midi?

Also another question on the side, would anybody happen to know if the octatrack can trigger the transport of the op-1?

Hi knightsaber.

Since yesterday I am working with an iconnect audio4+ and trying to figure out the syncing between it, the OP-1 and two iPads! The thread about my adventures in syncing is situated here.
So far not a lot of news on it for you, but will try to keep you posted of my progress.

got it working!so simple!
YouTube video!

got it working!so simple!
YouTube video!

Nice! I would like to ask, does the usb to midi host function work without the iconnect 4 plugged into a computer or ipad? I want to sync the op1 to my other synth/sampler hardware.

I thought the 4+ functioned stand aloneā€¦ not sure about the 2+ Though

Ah ok, thx!