iconnectmidi4+ OP-1 with other gear how to set up?

I been through lots of different gear over the years and recently sold off all the gear I own that is too menu intensive as I want a power on and go set-up, The only gear I kept was the following:

Future Retro XS

I would like to keep my computer off and heard there was a way to get the boxes all talking to each other with the iconnectmidi4+ bought one last week.

I have not spent a pile of time looking online on all the porting etc to get this connected (time is skinny). I’m hopeful someone here knows how to get this going. I plugged it all together and turned it on. OP-1 tape would start/stop synced to Start/Stop as played by tr-8. I would like the versatility to also start stop the tr-8 with op-1 (any ideas). Also the OP-1 sequencer does not start stop with tr-8 does, is there a way to sync the sequencer and the tape to start/stop when tr-8 sends a start/stop? Also would like to be able to sequence XS with op-1 until I get a stand alone sequencer for it (maybe my Ipad)

In the midiconnect app, there are pages and pages of things i do not understand. a bit overwhelmed here

There’s some tutorials by an iconnectmidi guy on YouTube giving a pretty comprehensive run through of what all the settings are in the video. I watched it the other week to get an idea of what the software/hardware was capable of. Worth a watch, it’s quite long, and might have some of the answers you are looking for.

i think on the op1 tempo screen, if u select ‘sync’ the op1 tape will respond to midi clock & start/stop

if u select ‘beat match’, then the op1 will send midi clock & start/stop

i’m mostly sure that i’ve done it both ways

the sequencers are a little different. they will sync to midi clock, but not start/stop. u have to trigger them manually on beat (pretty easy to do)

to play/sequence something else w/ the op1, u just need to set the midi channels on each device to the same #. on the op1 its in the shift+com screen

it may seem overwhelming at first, but you’ll get the hang of it g!

Doc, When triggering external device with sequencer in beat match do you end up with one silent tape track (ext trigger track). I suppose it would not have to be silent if one wanted the same sequence triggering the op-1 enigine

the tape records/holds only audio so it won’t be triggering anything…

The host port and all the MIDI DIN ports can pass MIDI without a computer using iConnectMIDI4+ - you could also send MIDI to an iOS device and then use the headphone output to avoid needing the computer for ‘Audio passThru’. You will want to configure the routing and filtering (if needed) using iConfig and then save the setup by flashing the hardware - then all the setting will recall the next time you power on your iConnectMIDI4+. This command is found through (iConfig > Device > Commit changes to FLASH).

The tutorials mentioned above can be found here: http://www.iconnectivity.com/iConnectMIDI4plus_tutorials

Let me know if you have any other concerns.

Thanks Josh & Doc, it seems to be doing what i want for now

Josh, any word on when the lightning version of iconnectmidi4+ will start shipping? Sweetwater has had them listed for awhile. I’m wondering if I should just pull the trigger on the original that’s available instead of waiting. Thanks!

@metalfalcon - Lightning Versions are available now - check with your retailer as they may have both 30-pin and lightning versions in-stock. The new version states ‘Lightning Version’ below the product name (on the box) and these come with the USB-B to lightning connection cable. Although, you can reach out to your retailer to order the USB-B to lightning connection cable by itself. You will see the USB-B to lightning connection cable listed on out site in the near future as well.