Thought I’d put a thread on this little device. I still haven’t received mine, but I’d love any and all stories concerning the OP and iCM4+.

Has it been hassle-free for you? Problems?

I’m hoping to get more mileage out of my combo of OP1, OT and iPad. Can’t really fathom everything reeeaaaaally working, too many MIDI fails in the past…

works great the center of my MIDI crap in the studio setting. still love my OPLab in experimental land better!

there is a great comment by @Josh_iConnect on the other ICM2+ thread if you havn’t already seen it.Makes things clearer about ICM4+

Okay it’s here! And my first question: how do I connect both the op-1 and a small USB midi keyboard? Do I need a powered USB hub?

depend on which port you plug into… the 1 port should have the juice… but if you want to be safe a powered hub is best… or spread the power requirements.


What’s your setup?

I am starting to ponder one of these gizmos…

Stuff I want to connect:

Macbook Pro w/ Ableton Live
Volca Keys
Akai LPK25
MAYBE iPhone

I haven’t had time to plug anything in, mind you :smiley:

Tb -3
2 OP-1
2 analog 4

Mind you they are all connected but I don’t use them all together unless jamming

Wow. Monster setup!

I’m having a really tough time understanding the MIDI routing setup…

Do I need to route things in the iConnectivity app, or can I just use Ableton Live? I guess not.

In the iConnectivity app, what are sources and what are destinations? For instance, if i want to route MIDI from DIN 1 to USB 1, what are the buttons I need to press? The routing page is seriously confusing me.

Thanks for any help. I consider myself to be of average intelligence, but this thing has me beat down.

Well, I have to hand it to them for support, a quick response with a lot more than “have you tried cycling the power of your unit sir”. +1 iConnectivity customer service.

Will update!

Hmm, I wonder if I have the Volca Keys connected to iConnectMIDI, whether I can get a sync out of the Keys to put into the Monotribe…

u can sync out while midi in on the volcas. i use the kenton, but i’m sure its the same