Idea for next battle?

Hi O1ers,

How about having a sampling exercise and the only rule is to make a track out of samples coming from one classic album (no compilation) of your choice. No synth engine. Just sampling. You just need to name which album you used. It could be Korn, Billy Joel, Charles Mingus, Taxi Girl, Fleetwood Mac, U-Roy, Guns'n'Roses, Alice in chains.... ANYTHING classic...

Have nice weekend.


Interesting idea. We’ve done more abstract exercises in sampling, for instance one battle allowed only the sound of the internal metronome as a sound source. A whole album as a source is intriguing, but might be hard to make just one song out of.

What I really think is that you should enter the battles for your chance to take the reigns.

Hehe deal!

Agreed @lymtronics if you want to make the rules for a battle then you gotta win. I
Loved that metronome battle btw. It was the hardest.

@Lymtronics yes thats quite a fun rule.Sayin that, your battle was well hosted with well defined ,quite clever could end up firing all over the place.Chaos…could also be fun.