Idea: new "synth engines" via the app, Videolab and Unity

Hi, while waiting for new synth engines aka “plugs” from TE, or them or some hacker releasing their programming interface (API), I was wondering about using the mobile app as a sound source. More specifically the Videolab feature.

Videolab videoPpaks are made in Unity. The app runs Unity. It is possible to connect OP-Z and Android with USB rather than Bluetooth. The USB connection carries audio. Unity can generate audio. Unity is programmable. Conclusion: unless the OP-Z app has audio disabled, a Videopak should be able to serve as a synth engine.

I am not at my computer and Unity until August, anyone up for cooking a quick proof-of-concept to try this idea?


I like the idea, but while Unity itself supports audio, in the case of OP-Z videopaks you are limited to what the videolab package supports. And looking at Home · teenageengineering/videolab Wiki · GitHub there is no mentioning of audio being processed in any way. All you can do at this point is exchanging MIDI data between your videopak and the OP-Z. All sound will have to come from the OP-Z. That being said, I wish I may wrong on this, or somebody can extend the videolab code to include audio and make it run on the OP-Z.

But, what you could do is creating a custom sequencer in a videopak - like Cuckoo recreating the OP-1 tombola sequencer on the OP-Z app. Or you could come up with new “effects” triggered by the videopak, by combining different parameters, i.e. randomly change sample pitches on multiple tracks at the same time, messing with the tape parameters, etc. This can then also be controlled by touchscreen input.


There already are some videopak MIDI utilities, by the way: Copy/pasting sequences and Sidechain Ducking

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