IDEA: OP-1 Bugtrack category

I’m not sure how closely Teenage Engineering monitor this forum. And I’m not sure if there is some other formal TE bug-tracking forum.

However, since the OP-1 is so relatively new, and has had so few updates so far, might it be worth individually ticketing known issues (such as the LED battery indication bug) within a separate category in this forum which we can flag to the folks at TE?

It would seem to me that it might be a more productive activity than simply ‘bumping’ the 2015 update thread.



I think it’s a great idea to have a “Bug tracking” category. It would be useful information for new users as well as some old users.

I’m not sure, but from what I’ve read online many people have already contacted TE about bugs such as the battery LED bug, so they definitely know about common bugs. I would still be interested in this forum category though!

I think tons of users contact TE about the known bugs, but great idea to have a list for new members. Mods, announcement thread?

I like it. When I get to a desktop I can make it happen.

I emailed TE to see if/how they’d like something of this nature implemented.

If they don’t care to look for them this way, we can just do it on our own in an effort to help new users with things that might come up.

Excellent - thanks @KrisM - it would be great if we can all work together to at least get some of the most fundamental bugs fixed. Apart from us, and their initial product testing, I’m wondering how else TE would realise these bugs exist.


Not bugs- but can be confusing …

  1. Internal Mic is disconnected from speaker when line out is empty,ie no headphones or external monitor system.So can’t record to Album,but tape is fine.(This makes sense to avoid feedback).
  2. But 2nd design choice is Ear is disabled when set as modulator with Element LFO.Mic and Radio clearly work while Ear does nothing.This is a shame, as a loud drum track on tape could give interesting pumping effects.We could even turn down synth track in mixer so the voice isn’t modulating itself too much.
    These behaviors can be confusing when learning the machine.
I heard from Tobias. While he can't check the forum himself, TE appreciates this, so what they'd like is for us to continue sending emails to support, but include a url to the thread. The format is up to us, so what I propose is using a format for the title of each thread in this new category to keep it as clean as possible. Also, we'd be checking each thread to verify whether it's actually a bug and not just the way things work in the event that a new person just doesn't know. I'm pretty sure that changing the category from Bug Reporting to Help in these cases won't affect the URL, which would be a detriment to this as a whole.

I'm going to propose that all thread titles in the Bug Reporting category be as follows:

BUG - MM-DD-YYYY - Brief Description

The user should then give as much information as possible in the thread and try to describe steps to repeat it, which is fairly essential for finding legit bugs most of the time. Other users can hopefully verify it, which gives TE a bit of a log of it happening to others, too, and may even cut down on the number of support emails they get because hopefully people will be searching and not reporting duplicates >.>

Anyway, thoughts? Of course once a final format is decided on there will be an Announced thread in the Bug Reporting category describing how to post threads there.

Sounds great. Could we perhaps make creative use of tye’poll’ facility in a standard and mandatory way in each bug thread to capture whether stats of whether other users experience the same bug?


Hows about having the bug report monthly (on a fixed date) so that there is time for other users to verify the problem or solve issues that some might be experiencing?

Maybe standardising how we report bugs here could make the process more streamlined (e.g. Year/model number, OS installed etc, current known workarounds etc) for us to verify/solve internally and for TE to get a better overview of know problems.We could even log know issues on a Google doc that could be shared with TE so that everything is in stored in one place.

These are just a few thoughts, its a great idea however we do it!

This is a great initiative. And since TE welcomes it, even better. I’ve yet to notice any bugs I haven’t seen mentioned by others before, but I’ll contribute in that new thread if I find one.

cloudburst’s poll idea could be useful.

Shall we use the “battery indication” bug as the first example and collaboratively shape it into our agreed ‘standard’ bug report format? Sound like a plan?


Sorry, been really busy and only been on the mobile site mostly. Looks like this got away from us. I think that’s a good idea @cloudburst, I’ll make the category, now.

Hi @KrisM - the category isn’t quite working how I imagined.

I think we should create a sticky with a template and also instructions on how to use the category - specifically forbidding comments from other users. The overall objective should be a single post for each bug, each with a standard structured description.

The template could be something like:

Bug Sequence Number (poster chooses next available):
Frequency (Rare, Frequent, Always):
Impact: (Whether this is inconvenient, whether it can be worked around, whether it renders the OP-1 unusable etc.)
OP-1 serial no:
Firmware version no:
Steps To Recreate:

Needs a bit of moderation I think.