Ideal portable AV setup for creating YouTube vids

Hey dudes, I know some of you are killing it as far as YouTube video creation quality goes…

Soooo, is there an AV setup you would recommend for making YouTube vids? I plan on doing more this year, and would love a portable audio recorder / camera all-in-one which I could line through in order to monitor (portability is not essential, but would help, as I’ll be doing a bunch while working on a cruise ship). I have a bunch of existing gear ie. Soundcard… iPhones. But I would need to collate the AV after the fact. Maybe that’s what most people do? Probably a good idea to do a bit of post. Any thoughts appreciated.

I use a Canon T5i and final cut pro but I also do some film stuff so it works for me. If i were doing youtube vids primarily, I would probably consider an all in one solution like the zoom cam or something go-pro-like for portability and ease of use. I find that I use the Canon for stills a decent amount. My last youtube vid used the canon on a slider for the birdseye shot and my little ego lic cam (fake go-pro) for the front shot. Anywhere outside of my lab, i’d record the audio to my zoon h4n.

As far as post, there are some good free editors that come with mac/pc (win movie maker/imovie). If you are into linux take a look at AV Linux as it has a full suite of open source multimedia tools including video editing. For the money, Final Cut is great quality and simple to use.

Thanks mate. Looking into the zoom cam. Hopefully it has a thru, but if nor, I guess I could just split it.

I use ipad with audio interface (Behringer UCA202) to capture video / audio. Cute Cut Pro for any editing. Ideal for simple recordings (i.e. jams). For anything more complicated you can’t beat editing video on a computer.

Thanks @ghostly606

Yeah, the multi-angle thing sure adds a lot of goodness… Although Cuckoo style mirror tricks are pretty appealing :wink:

@ghostly606 I looked at the behringer thingey you mentioned. So you plug that into your ipad? Do you use the default video app for recording?

@ghostly606 I looked at the behringer thingey you mentioned. So you plug that into your ipad? Do you use the default video app for recording?

You need the camera connection kit obviously but yeah, if you have it connected and record a video then the audio automatically comes via the interface. Jakob Haq, an iOS YouTube chap, does all editing in iOS actually but you can’t beat a mouse for some things imo.

Thanks @ghostly606

Yeah, I would imagine I’d prefer mouse over touch screen for video editing… Unless the touch interface was super extra rad.

This video from Red Means Recording explains his setup really well: His videos are really great, fun to get a peek behind the scenes.

Thanks mate. Yes his videos are phenomenal. Espesh all the sharp animations and humour.