Identifying bad patches/samples

I found an number of .aif files (kits and synths) from, but noticed that a few failed to load. A few (some of the drum kits), caused my OP-1 to freeze when shifting from Disk mode back to OP-1 mode after dropping them on the OP-1.


  1. Switch to disk mode.
  2. Drag/drop folder into the OP1 drive as it shows up in Windows explorer, in the drums or synth folder.
  3. Switch to OP-1. OP-1 disconnects and begins loading patches, as viewed in the OP-1 window messages.
  4. In some cases, after a number of Synth patches and Kit patches load, the message updates in the OP-1 screen ‘freeze’ on particular drum kits. You have to restart the OP-1 and start over.

I removed a few of the drum kits, re-ran the above steps, and everything loaded fine. I thought at first that I had too many samples, but stayed well below the recommended #s on this guide here: user_manual_op1_essentials_sample.pdf

I recommend working with a maximum of 25 samples and a
maximum of 20 drumkits. The total number of samples and kits you can successfully import in the OP-1 varies according to the size of the individual kits and samples.


  1. Has anyone determined the actual numbers or total size of samples that can be loaded?
  2. Does anyone know what sort of file formatting/tagging etc. might cause it to fail (short of it being longer than the 12 second or 6 second duration limit)?
  3. Does anyone know how to test the .aif files before trying to load them up?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve been experimenting with this and figured out a couple of things:

I pulled down a 32-bit version of Ableton Live Lite and installed the OP1 DrumUtility. Any .aif file that was previously bricking my OP-1 when loaded can be ‘fixed’ by dragging it into the DrumUtility and re-exporting the .aif file. So that’s cool.

Using Ableton’s default/installed samples (loops, instrument hits), I was able to take .aif and wav files, drag them into the DrumUtility and create some very nice .aif versions of synth hits and drum samples. Using these, I was able to load more than the previously suggested 25 or so Samples/Drum Kits.

This is also an easy way to quickly load up samples of songs you might want to chop up. I took mp3s of songs I was interested in, dragged them into Audacity, cut them to < 12 seconds and exported the wav files. Dropped those wavs onto the DrumUtility and exported .aif files (putting the BPM of the song in the title). Now I’ve got a bunch of nearly cooked loopable samples to drop in and build on.

Sorry if all of this is elementary. I’m just figuring my way around this, my first synth, and excited to figure out ways to get great sounds.


props for taking things into your own hands and figuring shit out

Additional update: I was able to load 42 Synth samples (no more! hard upper limit!) and a number of Drum Kits. I haven’t really pushed on the Kits yet to see how many or the total MB limit.

i think maybe (paritally) what happened here
(i’ve done this before too)
is that when u delete sounds from the OP1
or really do anything in disk mode
the OP1 doesn’t update its file system until AFTER u eject hte disk
and it runs that lil routine

normally this is not an issue b/c youre not removing and adding back patches of the same filename

but when u are
the OP1 sees these as new patches that have been added
but also old ones since the filenames match
so it doesn’t remove the old ones and hten tries to add the new ones
this is how u get dupes and run out of space quickly
b/c each dupe is taking up twice the space
possible that this may cause confusion // corruption in the file system
which then causing crashes when u start up and or access the file system
(start up process prolly checks the file system)

the overlapping text is normal esp if u are adding a ton of patches at once
ive had htis happen since the day i got the op1 many many years ago
u gotta remember to let it finish (i think u ahve to hit a key at the end)
so that it cleanly exits the process when its done
but its hard to see b/c all the text is overlapping i know
could be a source of corruption as well.

feel like i’ve said this a billion times over the years
but i’ve gotten in the habit of just doing a factory reset every so often
on my OP1 and the not often but every now and again
random crashes and errors have pretty much gone away completely.

seems like things just get mucked up over time and use
(just like any computer does) and the reset keeps it clean fresh and happy