If I buy an OP-1

is it going to break within a week and take three months for Teenage Engineering to fix?

From reading the old forum, it seems like a surprisingly large number of people have had issues with the hardware that was difficult to get fixed. Am I wrong? Are these stories exaggerated or what?

The stories aren’t exaggerated. A lot of people probably only sign up if and when they have problems. I would say buy new so you have warranty. I have one of the first ones and never had a problem. Don’t sleep, I say grab one. But then again I’m like #1 TE fan, so I am biased.

Best thing is to buy from a reseller that offers extended warranty. I bought one here in The Netherlands with 3 years warranty… Its also better to be dealing with a local guy rather than TE who is far away.

So people have problems but there are lot of people who don’t. I have 3 and they are all different batches and they all work fine. take care of your gear and it will take care of you. like other mention if you buy local and it bombs in the first 3 weeks return and try again. no need to wait for a repair!

I wish I had saved a bit more to buy a new one, a few of my keys aren’t triggering sound and I have no warranty. I did get a great fleabay deal that included all of the accessories, but a warranty is definitely worth the investment for the little guy.

@Kites the out of pocket repair is like $150 I believe… sooooooo worth it!

Ya that’s about what they quoted me too. You’re right, I’ll definitely send it out to Georgia soon,

@caloriemate we spoke via instant message and I said I wasn’t sure how I felt since I had heard nothing. Well they got back to me today and they did me right. I’ll say it’s a little expensive but they are doing they’re best to make it seem worth it.

so yeah, buy one!

@jbl I’m glad to hear they responded and you’re satisfied with the results!

Hmmm… I was considering buying an Elektron instead but I’m going to pull the trigger on OP-1. I hope I don’t regret this. :slight_smile: