If you had the chance to return your OP-Z?

I read a lot about build quality problems of the OP-Z. What would you do if you had the chance to return it and get a refund?

Think I’ll try a Digitakt. I love my op-z, but I’d really like to get my hand on these.

I’d get another OP-Z! I love it. I’d love to return it if I could as it suffers badly from the doubletrigs problem. Unfortunately I bought mine second hand and TE have confirmed that they won’t honor the original warranty. I’m waiting for a quote back from them for how much it will cost to replace the membrane, but I think I’m gonna have to chase them up.

Not digging the new sampling feature then?


@Othytim I like my OP-Z very much, the sampling is nice and the very good sequencing is a big plus. I still have one week the possibility to return my OP-Z and get a full refund. But i’m a little concerned about the long term build quality.

How about returning it for a refund and then get another one from somewhere else? It’ll give you a bit more time to figure out if you want to keep it. Just backup all your tunes first.

I would like to keep it, that’s not my point. I have zero problems with my OP-Z, but what in a few months? If there were no build quality problems, I even not started this thread. But there are build quality problems, and that is concerning me.

They (TE) are cheap…the machine hasn’t been out for 1 year (their warrant period), so wherever you bought it from they should honor the warranty.
Just my 2 cents

And yeah I’m thinking of asking thomann to give me my money back as well, because I am returning mine for the extreme double trig issues + it’s starting to bend in the middle.


That’s what I mean…

Hell no, I have a digitakt and I like it, but I haven’t bonded with an instrument like I have with the opz for a long time, I absolutely love it, is one of the last things I would ever sell and I have had no issues… I even think the build quality is really good I can’t fault it. Either some have got real lemons or people are just rediculously picky… I never expected it to be the same build quality as a digitakt, but nothing grooves like this thing, it has its own sound and personality and I really love it. I’m very careful with my stuff though and keep it in is case whenever it goes with me.

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Trust me…not being picky.
Having to push the buttons down so hard that the unit bends, just so they don’t double-trigger isn’t normal for any kind of gear.
Otherwise it’s a nice piece of gear.

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Bought second hand as well and it infuriates me that they won’t honor the warranty. I don’t have an issue at the moment but it worries me that I have no ability to claim against TE if I do.

When (if) I get a quote from TE to replace the membrane I’ll post how much it is. It’s the first time I really regret buying something 2nd hand.

But your OP-Z still has warranty?

Yes it’s still within its warranty, but they don’t honour the warranty if it’s second hand.

That sucks, mine isn’t even close to like that… Maybe it’s that the whole membrane slip for the keys items seated right in some of the units, I wonder if you jiggle it alittle it will stop doing that? I guess it’s not worth taking apart though.

You do not have the invoice?

pretty sure u can’t even take it apart to get at the front of the keys w/o totally destroying it

theres no screws mounting the board in place, its like they melted the plastic instead to keep the board secured.

The guy who bought it from new bought it new from a German eBay retailer, decided he didn’t like it and resold it on eBay. He provided me with his original purchase details, but I’m not him I have a completely different name and address. TE state on their website that they won’t honour 2nd hand purchases and they confirmed this in an email.

Very bad service from TE. In my opinion the warranty belongs to the device and not to person who owns it. Even if you are the 2nd, 3rd etc. owner.


It looks like it’s held in with little plastic nubs, I’m not sure if you can remove it or not, the engineer picture on the TE site made it seem like you can but who knows unless someone is willing to ruin their’s, but I just meant jiggle it alittle so they line up better.

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