if you were locked in the room...

…and you could take one portable device to accompany your OP-1, what would it be?


i would take LSD



Jews Harp.

A good toy piano


I’m so found of this drum sound and the interaction it offers, like FX-instant retrig, it’s brilliant.
Plus you don’t really need to sync it with the OP-1, the clocks are quite good, I found.

Analog Four.

@thor - good answer!

MacBook: the OP-1 would control all the software instruments on it; and so I could keep up with this thread while in the locked room.

Volca sample

assuming I had something to record B-B-B-Biscuit, otherwise a Cassette Portastudio of some sort.

my HD380 headphones

octatrack - so i could break down the door with it !!

iPad… I win :stuck_out_tongue:

A spare I/O board perhaps? :wink:

A spare I/O board perhaps? ;-)

Don’t forget your screwdriver and a ‘spudger’ ;-!

Below… Sorry for extraneous post!

Gotta go w/ the Boss RC-505.