iFixit Europe Tutorial ahead?

Hey guys,

seems like iFixit Europe are gonna tear apart the op-z and do a repair tutorial.
Since they already have lots of OP-1 parts in stock to fix parts of the unit yourself, I’m hoping there will also be op-z parts available in the future.
Also the keyboard mystery (is it self serviceable or not) should probably be solved by then…


Maybe we can purchase extra batteries from iFixit.

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That would be nice! I for myself would also like a new backplate or the possibility to change the feet. They did not suffer as much, as I feared in the beginning, but they are the only thing on my op-z that is not in EXCELLENT shape any more :joy:

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Yes. The option to buy some new rubberfeets would be great.

Maybe they also provide a way to repair popping encoders.


Awesome, hope they come up with a way to fix case warping issues also. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was thinking about pulling mine apart and heating it lightly with a hair dryer or heat gun, but will wait for the tear down to see how tricky it is to dismantle it

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OP-Z parts are now up on iFixit

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Nice. Rubberfeets and Batteries!

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Just what I thought! But not in stock, yet.

all parts with a “lifetime warranty”
that’s great

good news : ) and prices seems honnest !

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the european store has only one item for sale.

Hopefully they’ll also get the other parts. Would immediately buy the feet and an additional battery. I think the buttons and the pitch bend are a bit unnecessary? But why not!

They need to sell the keyboard membrane too! Now we can fix any problems that come up! This is great!!

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It’s great to know the battery is available for the future. Right now I just charge it from a USB power bank though.

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Let’s see what their self service tutorial comes up with. Perhaps they come to the conclusion, that the keyboard might not be self serviceable and therefore don’t offer it. But we’ll have to see.

Deffo not self serviceable in my opinion. That’s melted plastic that hold keyboard membrane and upper case together. Once you remove it I don’t see any easy option to put it back together.

Double tape maybe or glue…

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The feet on mine is way to soft

Yeah I know. Also don’t think it’s self serviceable, but perhaps there’s a hack to get it back on place. I’m not very optimistic, though.

We don’t know at this point. We will have to wait for the ifixit tutorial and we will know for sure.

It seems like all the parts are in stock now, in both the US and the EU store.
Will probably order the feet and a battery.

They also published some repair tutorials, covering:

  • Rubber Feet (parts available in the shop)
  • Function Keys (parts available in the shop)
  • Flex Cable (parts available in the shop)
  • Pitch Bend Button (parts available in the shop)
  • Volume Knob and Volume Pot (parts available in the shop)
  • Battery (yeah well, how to change it :-D) (parts available in the shop)

I tend to say this is all of medium interest, since 20% are self explanatory and 80% aren’t a problem for anybody (yet).

PS: EU Store seems to ship from Germany, which is perfect for me, but more expensive for others…