IKEA Frekvens in Australia?

Hey guys, just wondering if any aussies were able to score any of the new IKEA Frekvens stuff? I can’t find anything to buy on the site, and am sadly pretty far from any Ikea store.


I read somewhere that they are not coming to you. Don’t know why ?

Bummer, looks like some cool gear! Ah well…

I emailed Ikea Australia, & they said they have heard nothing about it coming to Australia. Sounds like the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing at Ikea.

I checked out the Richmond store, nothing there, called up the warehouse, they have no idea. Another person in the review thread said someone emailed IKEA directly and they said it won’t be coming here. Really bummed by this one. Also TE won’t stop reposting people’s Instagrams of them buying shopping carts full of the things and it makes me so mad XD

already a ton of it on ebay for a premium (for the most part)