I'm going to prototype a case from bamboo

Hi everyone, I just wanted to toss out an idea that I’m planning on prototyping- I’m going to try making a case out of bamboo laminate. Why bamboo? Well, I’m glad you asked. Bamboo because it is sustainable, light and strong. Also, it is readily available.

It seems that after asking on this forum, and getting a lot of awesome responses, people either wanted a really super nice case to keep the op-1 in while at home or in the studio, or something affordable and stylish. The problem is, with wood, truly nice is truly expensive. And, nice wood like ebony or walnut is heavy.

The price point that seemed most popular was 100 euros/dollars or less. So, no ebony or walnut burl. And, I got a couple people saying 'no veneer.'

So what is light weight, strong, inexpensive and doesn’t require destroying a rainforest? Bamboo.

However, I don’t know if I can make it to the shape I want; it’s very fibrous as it is a grass and not a wood. Monocot versus dicots, remember from your biology class? If not, PM me, I’m a biology teacher and I’ll give you a free refresher.

Anyway, my weekend project is to create a case that is stylish, light weight, strong, affordable and made of bamboo. If it works, well, maybe I’ll make a few.

I was going to do CNC routers and all of that, but no. I have a woodshop literally in my living room. So, this box, and each box, will be built by me personally. By hand. Without power tools. So all the blood stains are real. But seriously, if any of you guys are into wood working, hand tools are the way to go- no dust, no noise, and my kids can ‘work’ next to me. I love it, it’s therapeutic.

However, when I’m done saving my money, I am building a 3d printer. But that’s in the future.

So what do you think? Bamboo, is it okay? Oh, the box is going to be rounded to juxtapose the squares and rectangles of the op-1.

bamboo can be quite pretty! i love it as a wood!

It would compliment the OP-1 better than some heavier woods.Good luck with this,I really hope if works for you as it sounds nice.If it does work,maybe try and make room for a 90 degree headphone connection.

How thick is your wood ?
I only see 2 cm min laminate round me…

VERY nice idea @xbted !

my friend had 5 of these cases made out of bamboo.this case is rock solid, basically a cutting board you can stuff your op1 inside. LOL. its not light. looking forward to seeing what you come up with. :slight_smile:

I have one of the Silva cases and it it awesome and rock solid!

If your price is wise for a case most of us gonna buy it , personally i think 100 euro is swedish (over) price kinda, I mean you are skilled it’s obvious so make it last not lux

@sable I remember finding those In a Google search. The leather handle Is a nice touch and one of my favorite material combos. Where did he get it made?

Edit: just noticed the leather closure too! Stunning! Want!


This is from someone’s Instagram


@Kites that’s pretty cool! I wish I had a laser cutter

yeah, i’ve been pushing over buying a mini desktop version for a chunk of years now. Hoping the technology is better now.

I’m seriously considering to invest in a 3d printer next year, they have classes here in Berlin where you can build your own, however it still runs about 1700 euros with the kit and seminar.

xbted, 2 years ago I found this guy that had created his own 3D Printer from a dead copy machine. His project was based on this one.

The name of this last project is “low cost 3D Printer”.


Ok, I figured out a design!!! The thing is, I may actually be able to pull this project off with some nice wood for a reasonable cost. And if that’s the case, well, I’ll see if anyone else wants one! Its deceptively simple too!!!

@kites silva LTD made them. http://www.silvaltd.com

Those Silva cases are $180? Holy crap, I’m in the wrong business. I’m going to go get some bamboo later; wait till you all see what I come up with. However, mine will be vegan friendly- no leather or animal products will be used (except random blood stains from your’s truly)

Xbted haa yes to blood stains! I’d pay extra for that! Good luck man.

Look, doesn’t this remind you of yhe Pendeo case?http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=251883267894


Yeah, those milled pieces aren’t hard to make, especially using a CNC router. However, what people are paying for with those Pendeo cases is a huge chunk of Teak, and that is some expensive wood.

Me, well, I’m going to make my prototype out of bamboo I think. And since I don’t need a huge slab of wood, as I am going to build the case instead of mill it, I can keep wood cost down. However, it will be labor intensive, but I’ll give myself a good price on the labor!