I'm having MIDI out issues with Ableton & OP-1

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I just received my OP-1 yesterday so forgive me if I’m missing a very simple thing. I’m equally new to OPForums. I searched my issue here and tried a couple things but haven’t found a solution. I’ve also read through the official guide. I know these questions tend to cause people to get upset but I genuinely would like some help getting my OP-1 and Ableton set up and running. I did immediately update my OP-1 to the latest firmware before using it. I’m not new to MIDI so I’m finding this issue to be a little strange. I can get USB Audio to work and I can get MIDI information into Ableton but I can’t get MIDI information into my OP-1. Within Ableton all my MIDI INs & OUTs are enabled and I have a MIDI Track open with an Ext. Instrument Rack set up. I’ve tried both putting the OP-1 in CTRL mode and OP-1 mode and nothing seems to fix it. What am I missing?


I should say I’m using a M1 MAX MacBook Pro with a USB to USB-C dongle I got from BestBuy. I don’t know if this is a dongle issue or something else? Same settings work on my older MacBook Pro so I know it wasn’t my configurations. Switching from the old MacBook Pro to the new one without changing the settings in Ableton and it’s working now. I had this issue again last night with the new MacBook Pro where the OP-1 wasn’t receiving MIDI but after trying numerous things it started working. It was only when I tried it again today I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. I find it strange still that USB Audio and MIDI IN to a daw worked regardless but OUT was iffy.

Another update: Took a break and it stopped working again. This is probably a useless post but it might be helpful for someone who may have a similar issue.

I guess I’m in the market for new cables. Do you guys have any recommendations for USB-C cables then?

maybe try a factory reset on your OP?
couldn’t hurt
factory reset sometimes helps solve weird unexplained behavior or crashes

I’ll give that a try also. I know people have been having issues with usb hubs and dongles so I suspect it’s the dongle.

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

I Use to be able to send midi from Logic Pro to my OP-1 and once I got an M1-Pro it stopped working. wondering if maybe its something with these M1 MacBooks

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I’m contemplating finally getting an OP-1 but as I encountered a handful of issues with my MacBook Pro M1 Pro recently, I want to be sure I could use it without any trouble before taking the plunge. I mostly had usb adapter connections problems leading to laggy or disconnected mouse as well as mic input not always recognized inside Ableton. The fact that the MIDI out from Live to the OP-1 is not working consistently made me wondering if there is any kind of « approved » usb hub for the M1 chip that people could advertise as most of the options from Amazon seem to be pretty much the same. Also I would be keen to know if you managed to fix the issue, hopefully it all came down to a faulty cable/adapter :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say that I solved this problem on M1 macbook by purchasing a USBC → USB Mini cable and dropping the dongles entirely. Here are two options I have purchased and work fine for USB Audio as well as MIDI.

Take care as the second pack I purchased intentionally due to its short length. Hope this helps!

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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