I'm still looking to buy a OP-1 keyboard module. And selling an unopened OP-1 spare keys set

I’m still looking to buy a keyboard module for my OP-1. A couple of my keys no longer work so I need to install another one. Get in touch if you have you one to sell. I’m also still selling a pack of unopened OP-1 keys from TE. I was selling for £70 but now £55. Thanks.

have u tried cleaning the key contacts themselves?

alot of times i think something is broken its really just dirty and cleaning it brings it back to life

just a thought. if it doesn’t work u still in the same boat. no harm no foul

Thanks for the tip. I did try cleaning it out with electronic cleaner but to no avail. Very frustrating.

Another possibility is a bad connection in the flex cables. If that does not help either than it could be a logic board failure.

I haven’t tried the flex cable connections - that might be worth a go.

I gave the key contacts a good clean with compressed air and they’ve all been working perfectly for over a week :slight_smile:

I lifted the black plastic around each key’s button and got the compressed air in under that. I was quite thorough as I had nothing to lose.

Just thought I’d share in case anyone else has the key stutter issue.