Imaginado OP-1 script -- working??


Im having trouble setting up my OP-1 to control Ableton Live8 or Live9.

I've installed the 'imaginado' script in the Ableton folder in the correct place - the MIDI Remote Scripts. I checked and it is in place with all the other scripts.

I open Ableton, turn on the OP-1 and check the OP-1 to be used as a controller in the Preferences.

But no joy.. The OP-1 screen is showing the Ableton symbol and i can play the Simpler with the OP-1 keys, but that is it - i can't launch clips or use the knobs or even the transport.

Could anybody help me out here ?

Thank you,

Had the same issue but after some headache I got it working.

What midi channel are you using?
I had the Op1 set to 8. I switched it back to default (1).

What are your midi transmit settings?

What are your settings in lives preferences?
Are input as well as output “Track” “Sync” and “Remote” switched “On”?