import from pc to op-1

So,I have some tracks that I need to import to op,that’s the way I tried:get the track(named track_1 for example) convert into .aiff and drop it in op1 (disk mode)and turn back to op1 mode but it re create a new track_1 even if it see that there is a new track_1 dropped in.I know how to exchange different tape but how can I do if I have to take a piece from a project and a piece from another?!Sorry if I am not so much clear,any kind of help and suggestion thank you.
sorry for posting in bug I don’t know how I put it here


Are you importing tracks from a DAW 3rd party software or combining tape tracks from two different op-1 projects?

combine tracks fom two different op-1 project,I use audacity

I think there is some sort of marker you need to drop in your file that will identify the where the audio is on the “tape”


Have you altered the original files off op-1 Tape (in audacity) or do you still have the original files direct from OP-1 disc mode?
If you back up onto, say, the desktop, you can drop these back into op-1 Tape and overright tracks. Rename track numbers if needed, with out going to Audacity.