Import Samples From Mobile

hello just got the op1 F and i really am trying but cannot find how to import files from my iphone

i have the op1 field and an iphone 13 pro max

i have downloaded the op1 manager app

i’m just a bit lost…
where to put them
how to access them from “files” app

any help is Greatly appreciated

Why not just sample from your phone into the OP-1F? Using the Lightning to USB-C cable, you’ll get a digital stream directly in.

Seems like many people get stuck on the idea of a USB disk mode, dragging and dropping files. The OP-1 is literally setup to handle sampling things quickly.

That app was originally made for the OP-1 and it’s third party so you may be victim to bugs and slow updates/fixes.

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of course !

then it’s no loss and who cares what the file type is


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Thanks man!
big time

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Happy to help.

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